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Who we are?

We are Access Ability Care Services. We envision a society where all people hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and others. We are here to support you by encouraging you to make choices, doing with you rather than for you and being part of your beautiful life memories.

We consist of a team of well trained staff who have met the necessary clearances and are highly trained to support you and assist you in achieving the desired outcome.


What we do

  • Daily Personal Tasks

  • Community Nursing Care

  • Household Tasks / Domestic assistance and gardening

  • High Intensity personal activities

  • Accommodation/ Respite

  • Group / Centre Activities

  • Participate in the Community / Social activities

  • Participate in the Community / Social activities

  • Development Life Skills
  • Travel / transport

We’re here to assist

  • We have trained staff with lots of experience to assist you
  • Our vision is to empower all people living with a disability to take ownership of their lives